Roll of Honor


The following donors have given gifts as an expression of their
commitment to their Library and to their community:

Alice Kales Hartwick Foundation Cynthia and Edsel Ford
Pierre and Margaret Heftler Foundation
John R. Axe
Rebecca C. Booth
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Dahling
Kay Felt
William and Martha Ford Fund
Susie and Bud Fruehauf
Denise Hurd – In memory of Lyman A. Hurd, Jr.
Dolores and Paul Lavins Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rands III
Ann and John Roberts
Mary Beth and S. Kinnie Smith, Jr.
James P. Spica
Mary Wilson
Wilkinson Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Exley
Alfred J. Fisher, III
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Hudson, Jr.
Jennifer, Jason, Willem and Katherine Krick
Charles and Christine Nicholl
Anne V. Nicholson
Christie and Jeff Willemain
Amy and Bernard Wolfe
Mary and Marwan Abouljoud
Mr. and Mrs. Gebran S. Anton
Sue and Don Armbruster
George and Val Ash
Marcia and Bill Ball
John and Joanne Blahnik
Vickey and Jim Bloom
Mrs. Sheila R. Book
Cathy and Kevin Broderick
George and Virginia Bush
John and Geraldine Daly, III
Joanne and Bill Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Diehl, Jr.
Mr. Edward E. Donaldson
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Donaldson
Jim and Carol Ann Fausone
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ford III
Bonnie and Edwin Frederickson
Mr. and Mrs. H. Richard Fruehauf, Jr.
Jane L. Gale
General Motors Corporation Matching Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Glancy,III
Mary Ann and Kenneth Gorlitz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Halso
John Heinrich
William and Mary Rose Hodgman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Hudson, Jr.
Christine and Jay Kaiser
Carolyn and Ernie Kratzet
Drs. Wayne Lancaster and Lucie Gregoire
Kay McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. James T. McMillan, II
Mr. and Mrs. William Moll
Ron and Amy Muawad
Northern Trust Matching Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Rankin Peck
Nancy and Jack Renick
William C. Rigg and Barbara J. Koster
Jean and Joe Ritok
Dr. William and Ann Salot
Elly and Robert Sattler, Jr.
Bill Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sonnecken
Dr. and Mrs. L. Murray Thomas
Ellen and Peter Thurber
Phyllis A. Vallee
Dr. Paul Van Walleghem
Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan T. Walton, Jr.
Drs. A.C. Watt
Gloria Whelan
Amy and Bernard Wolfe
Margaret A. Woodhouse-In memory of Margaret H. Watkins
Kathleen and David Zmyslowski
Up to -$249
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Abel
Mrs. Thekla Adlhoch Abels
Judy L. Adams
Inventor Tom Adams P.E.
Vaughn Adams and Patricia Carroll-Adams
Dr. Nancy Ajemian
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G. Alber
Fred Albrecht
Effie K. Ambler
Ernest and Beryl Ament
Shirley Amore
Cynthia Arfken
Dr. and Mrs. Mohammed Ariani
Steve and Judy Armbruster
Rodrigo Andrade
AT&T Matching Gifts Program William A. Baldwin
Barbara E. Bangs
Lawrence Banka and Barbara Choate
Linda and Frank Banovetz
Matthew Barbour
Anna Louise Basarich
Dr. Daniel H. Basinski
Marianne O. Battani
Mrs. William F. Bavinger, Jr.
Rosemary and George Bay
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beal
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bedard
Paula and Bill Bejin
David and Debby Belanger
James and Diana Bellanca
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bennett
Deborah Berger
In memory of Jan and Gerald Bergum
Carol and Roland Bernbeck
Mary and Richard Berschback
Thomas Berschback
G.J. Bertelsen
Kendra Bickford
Dorothy and James Black
Jim and Barbara Boettcher
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bogosian
Henry Bone
James and Marcia Bonahoom
Louise C. Booth
Winifred Booth
J. Carlos Borrego
Mary and John Bourget
Catherine Boyle
Bruce and Shirley Bradley
Dolores M. Bradway
In memory of Judge David Cooper Vokes
Dr. Michael J. Brennan
Janet Brennecke
Mr. and Mrs. William Bresser
Jennie and Jim Brewer
Mary Brieden and Bob Hynes
Patricia Reynolds Brinker
Charles R. Bristol
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Brock, Jr.
Anita C. Brown
Trudy and Wil Brown
Linda and John Bruce
Doris Ann Brucker
Dr.and Mrs. William Brusilou
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Burns
Scott and Nancy Burns
Bob and Mary Bury
Annetta Byrne Leontine K. Cadieux
Mary Cahalan
David and Mary Beth Calandro
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Camden
Mrs. Cosette T. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. William Campion
Cheri W. Carleton
Jean E. Carmichael
Richard H. Carr
William E. Carroll
Virginia B. Casano
Melba Castle
Mr. and Mrs. John Catalano
Annette and David Cataldi
Sarah Catalfio
Mr. and Mrs. Vito A. Catalfio
Lois N. Chasteen
Jeanne C. Cholack
Marie and Salvatore Ciaramitaro
Mrs. B. Caulkins Clark
Prudence Cole-Klimisch
Mr. James W. Collier
Charles and Margaret Collins
Clare and Laurence D. Connor
Jean L. Conroy
Ann M. Cooper
Judy and Lewis Cooper, Jr.
Laurie Coplin and Michael J. Rozny
Deno and Laney Corrado
Warren D. Couger
Rosalyn and John Coury
Lenore Cronovich
Woodruff B. Crouse
Harold E. Cruger Mr. and Mrs. John J. Daly III
F.R. Damm
Jo Darolfi
Anne Dauphinais
Dorothy J. Davis
Erika Davis
Aileen Dawson
Dr. William and Dr. Nancy DeFrance
Richard E. Denzer
Andrew and Linda Dervan
John Diebel
Mr. and Mrs. John Dinka
Marilyn Dixon
Miss Elizabeth J. Donaldson
Angeline Doran
In memory of Daniel J. Doran
Mr. and Mrs. Rondal G. Downing
Mr, Joseph Drader
Alice Draper
Mrs. William L. Drennen
DTE Energy Foundation Matching Gift
Rosemary DuMouchelle
Betty J. Dunwoodie
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Durno
Rachel T. Dwaihy
Charles M. Ebner, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Echlin III
Peter S. and Camille R. Ecklund
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Edelstein
Mr. and Mrs. Allen F. Edwards, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edwards
A. Bradley and Louise Eisenbrey
Margaret Eitel
Dr. and Mrs. Jean-Claude Elie
Diane English
Mr. and Mrs. John English
Doris Ericksen
R. F. Ethridge and Debra J. Wright
Lori and Jim Everett
Tom Fentin
Mr. and Mrs. Christian A. Fenton
Barbara Fitzgerald Finch
James A. and Patricia L. Fitzgerald
James B. Fleming
Jack and Lesley Ford
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ford, III
Tony and Julie Foust
Sarah and John Frakes
Mark and Sonja Franchett
Anne and Edward Franco
Terri and Matthew Franzen
Jean B. Fuqua
Diane Galda
In memory of Linda R. Sejfulla
Meta C. Gallagher
Patricia Rossi Galvin
George A. Gardella
Roger and Eleanor Garzel
Kathy Gaughan
Laura and Robert Gazall
Steve Gellman and Elizabeth Sullivan
Sandy and Tom Gentile, Jr.
Regina H. Gersch
Freda Giblin
Patricia and James Giftos
In memory of Christina Dallas
Helen Gilbride
Anne Ginn
Adele and Michael Glusac
Mr. and Mrs. J. Gonzales
Patty and Ed Gotfredson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grant
Daniel C. Grano
George Grenzke
Roland and Kathleen Grose
Karin A. Gross
Richard and Elza Gross
Edward Gruca
Nancy L. Grylls
John Gryniewicz and Sophie Dobriansky
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Guest
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hall
Shirley J. Hallmann
Carol and Tom Halpin
Jeanne Hannan
Sue Ann Hanson and Charlie Bristol
Sam and Marie Harlan
Jacquelin C. Harvey
Susan and John Hastings
Pat and Bob Hays
Cynthia and David Hempstead
Betty Henrichs
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hensley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Heritier
Mrs. Carleton M. Higbie, Jr.
Marjorie Hilgendorf
Howard Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hindelang
Ann and Denny Hoag
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hollerbach
Phil and Cheryl Holm
Bunny and Jan Homan
Dr. Cynthia Palmer Hughes and
Mr. Michael Hughes
Jean M. Hull
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Huntington
Kathleen and Tom Hy
IBM Matching Gift Fund
Lynnette Iannace
In memory of Derek Chew
Daniel Isenschmid
Walter and Edith Jacques, Jr.
M. S. Jafri
Zoltan Janosi
The Honorable and Mrs. Carl Jarboe
Teresa and Stanley Jaszczak
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Jay
Elizabeth and Douglas Jenzen
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Jevons, Jr.
Mrs. Mary F. Jensen
Mr. Basil D. Johnson
Lois and Dale Johnston
Marlene and Richard Joseph
Christina and Nathan Judson
In memory of Robert Dinwiddie Welch
Mr. Richard J. Jungwirth
Jay and Chris Kaiser
Miss Joan Kaiser
John and Lorie Kamm
Mr. and Mrs. William Kamm
Frank M. Kaufman
Kaula Carol Kazolis
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kelly
Mrs. Patricia E. Kelly
Bruce and Italia Kennedy
Ghada and Riad Khatib
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Kienle
Mr. and Mrs. John L. King
Shirley and Robert Kirk
David L. Klaasen
Robert Klacza
Judith N. Kling
Kathleen Klish
Terry and Sara Koch
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kohlberg
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kosinski
Robert C. Kotz
Willane Krell and James K. Woods
Bob and Jeri Krueger
Allison Kuhnlein and Ronald Lang
Marilyn L. Kujath
Mickey Kurap
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kuypers
Mary Anne LaHood
Mrs. Willard V. Lampe
Noelle and Jack Landin
Tuan and Kristi Le
Mr. and Mrs. Allan P. LeChard
Bill and Linda Lee
Mary F. Leech
Jim and Michelene Lepczyk
Dennis and Melissa Levasseur
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Leverenz
Jackie and Herb Levitt
Florence Lightfoot
Drs. Mamie and Henry Lim
Don and Erica Lindow
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Littmann
Patrick and Janet Livingston
Teresa S. Lloyd
Cheryl and David Lockhart
Theresa Lopiccolo
Melissa J. Lozon
Stefanie Lozon
Ivan Ludington, Jr.
Richard and Susan Lueders
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Lupo
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lynch
Mary-Agnes MacDonald
Theresa and Ron Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Mackethan
Melissa and Andrew MacLeod
Clara and George Mager
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Maitland, Jr.
T.L. Malbouef Family
Becky and Dutch Mandel
Madelyne and Norman Markowitz
Jennifer and Dale Marshall
Diana D. Marshall
Gerard Martin and Cathy Nordby
Mike and Beth Martin
Elizabeth and Robert Martin
Dolores B. Mavian
David and Esther Maxwell
Rich and Tina Mayk
Karen McCallister
Margaret McCarthy
Marion McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas T. McClure
Diane McCormack, Ph.D.
Corine V. McDonald
Vivien McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGraw
Grace and John McLellan
Lucinda B. McMahon
Christine K. McNaughton
Joan McShane
Ms. June McWatt
Mrs. Theodore H. Mecke, Jr.
Drs. J. and M.G. Meingast
Mary Ann Melican
Maureen and Peter Mercier
Joanne Mezger
Mr. and Mrs. A. David Mikesell
Lisbeth and Mark Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Milligan
Mary M. Mitts
Robert Mobley
Patty Mogk
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mollering
Barbara A. Monahan
Mrs. William Montgomery
Mrs. Jacqueline F. Moon
Julia D. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Moore
Tom and Terri Morath
Mr. John Moroun
Mr. and Mrs. David Morrow
Mrs. William Moseley
Michelle R. Mualem
Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Mueller
Katharine I. Mullaney
Frank Mullen
Kenneth P. Munn and Anne Marie Burr
Pierre R. Nacey
Cynthia Navarro
Louis and Milly Neuder
Jeff and Hidee Neuenschwander
Elizabeth and Anthony Notarangelo
Arlene T. Nowak
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Nowowiecki
Jane Kay Nugent
Cormac M. O’Byrne
Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Ohorodnik
Robert and Marilyn Olson
Roland and Halina Olzark
Karen O’Shea
Benjamin H. Paddock III
Sally and Carl Paled
Walter E. Palmer, Jr.
Delia and Dominic Pangborn
Mike and Wendi Pannucci
Drs. Theodore G.Pantos
Maurice Paoletti
Mary Pappas
Ruth and Everett Paradise
Catherine Parent
Ross G. Parker
Patricia and Edward Peabody
James and Michelle Peabody
Frances A. Peracchio
Barbara and David Perez
William and Jane Petzold
Eric and Karen Pope
Rick and Cindi Portwood
William H. Powers
Dolores Proven
Peggy and Vic Ptasznik
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Pyle
Christopher Quarello
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Quilter III
Kathy and Steve Quinn
Nancy and Larry Rancilio
Myron E. Ranney
Janet Rasimas
Jean and David Redfield
Franklyn J. Reed
Donald K. and Collette P. Reid
Steven Reinke
Tammy and Don Rentz
Marilyn Ricard
Paul and Diane Richards
Joseph A. Ritok, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rockwell
Carol Rodriguez
Angelle Rothis
George Roumell, Jr.
Michael Rozny
Arlene Rozzelle-Wray
Penny T. Rudolph
Grant and Stephenie Ruttinger
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rybicki
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sabo
Marilyn Safron – In Memory of
Andrew and Nancy Safron
Paul A. Saigh
Rojanandham and Bhaghamma Samudrala
Sylvia S. Sanders
Mr. Robert I. Sattler
Ms. Joanne M. Saucier
Ms. Ruth E. Saur
The Schaupeter Family
Ruth M. Schnepp
Mrs. Serafina J. Schorer
Bob and Mary Schroeder
James L. Schroth
Edward and Dorothea Schuler
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Scoggin
Mrs. Marrion U. Scott
Linda and Bardhyl Sejfulla
Lynne Severini
Ann Marie Shaheen
Dr. and Mrs. Francis Shea
Phil and Lisa Shrader
Mary Ann and Peter Shumaker
Mr. Thomas C. Shumaker
Nancy Silveri
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Simpson
Michael and Carolyn Skaff
Paul James Sloan
Penelope W. Slough
Margaret A. Smith
Marion Leigh Smith
Nancy A. Smith
Robert A. Smith II
Bob and Rita Smythe
Louise A. Snyder and Hugh D. Camitta
Lucille Sobczak
Mrs. Ralph B. Soderberg
William and Frances Sosnowsky
Mrs. Richard Speer
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Spezia
Ms. Tia Spitzberg and Mr. David Weiner
Henry Sprague
Susan and Jan Starr
Karen Z. Steiz
Linda and Larry Stephens
Rob and Mindy Stewart
Donna Stoner
Nadia A. Stratelak
John and Susan Stuart
Roger and Darlene Sulad
Mary A. Sullivan
Lee E. Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Sylvester
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Tapazoglou
Carmen and Dinu Taraza
Joseph H. Tate
Lily Tawile
Tambre and Joe Tedesco
Margaret and Tasso Teftsis
Nancy A. Tewes
Patricia Thomas
John and Susan Thompson
Peter P. Thurber
L. Townsend
Nola Tutag
Nancy and William Tuuri
Jean Vandelinder
Sandra and James H. Vandenberghe
Elizabeth and Arthur Van De Putte
Bruce and Kris Vande Vusse
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Van Dusen
Mary Ann VanElslander
Alice Van Tassell
Joseph and Frances Vaughn
Michael and Susan Vethacke
Bruce and Nancy Vick
Clune and Beverly Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Gail Warden
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wasinger
James Wasmuth and Carol Bosche
John and Karen Watson
Janet Weber and Bill Rutledge
John F. Weiksnar
Donna Weinle
Robert P. and Sally S. Werenski
Dr. and Mrs. Burt Weyhing,III
Mr. F. Harry Wheatley
Ms. Sally Wheeler
Marilyn Whims
Iris and Fred Whitehouse
Mrs. Henry C. Wholihan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Wiczorek
Nancy Wiggers and Francis Zebot
Mr. Lawrence S. Wilkinson
Mrs. Mary Lou T. Willetts
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Williams
John Williams
Cheryl and Stephen Winter
Mark Wollenweber
Katherine Wood
John and Dorothy Woodard
Fred Woolsey
Shirley Wright
Beatrice Wuerfel
John E. Young
Thomas I. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zeller
Suzanne Zielinski
Mrs. Stephanie Ziff
Beverly A. Zimmermann
David and Kathleen Zmyslowski
Mark and Gail Zmyslowski
Dr. Edward J. Zubinski
W. Tom ZurSchmiede, Jr.